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The Fragrance She Didn’t Know She Needed

This Mother's Day, leave it to science—and her senses—to help mom find a fragrance she's guaranteed to love.

Personalized Discovery Kit

4 mystery scent samples curated just for mom

Receive 4 curated scents

89% chance she will love at least 1

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Join Hundreds of Moms Finding Their Signature Scent

Take The Guesswork Out Of Gifting

The best gifts are personal.

Ready To Gift

Includes pre-loaded gift cards for a personalized Discovery Kit and a travel-sized fragrance. 

Curated For Her

Mom redeems her gift card for a personalized Discovery Kit, complete with fragrances tailored to her unique preferences. 

One Signature Scent

Once she finds the one, we send it on its way—all she has to do is use her gift card. 

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What’s In The Box?

Make it easy for Mom to find her signature scent—she deserves it.

Signature Scent Gift Card
To order a travel size fragrance
Discovery Kit Gift Card
To order a personalized kit
Discovery Kit Gift Card
To order a personalized kit
Signature Scent Gift Card

To order a travel—sized fragrance

She’s Remarkable. She’s Distinct.

She’s noteworthy.
Scents as singular as her
Our algorithm matches her to four fragrances tailored to her unique preferences—with an 89% success rate.

Clean, high-quality formulas

All of our fragrances are non-toxic, cruelty-free, and made without parabens, pthalates, and dyes.

Crafted by Experts

Each fragrance is handcrafted by expert perfumers for its unique, evocative personality.

Elegance meets sustainability

Housed in reusable glass bottles, and shipped in packaging that's recycled and recyclable.

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Rated 4.6/5.0

The Starter Experience

This Mother’s Day, help Mom discover her signature scent by gifting her a fragrance that's unique and personal to her.

Long lasting for full-day coverage

Curated to her based on her unique preferences

Travel-sized options for on the go

Personalized fragrances tailored to her

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“Perfume is hard to give as a gift unless you know the recipient’s preferences really well. Good thing this was for my mama! She said I was spot on with her scent!”

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“Discover Why People Can't Get Enough Of Noteworthy”

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Mom Deserves The Best Of The Best

Don’t settle.

Made in The Usa
Produced and manufactured in the USA.

Cruelty Free

Never tested on animals.

Vegan options available.

Hight quality Standards

Paraben free. Dye free.

Phthalate free. Always.


All our packaging has been carefully considered for minimum impact.


Fragrance for everyone!


Are your fragrances high quality?

Are the ingredients safe?

Are the fragrances long lasting?

Do you provide samples?

How should I store my fragrance?

Can I see an allergens list?

The fragrance I want is out of stock - what should I do?

Gift Your Mom The Perfect Fragrance This Mother's Day.

Fragrances as unique as her

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