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Our company

Noteworthy is a luxury fragrance brand designed to help you find your signature scent. Our proprietary algorithm, built by data scientists using hundreds of data points from real people, has an almost 90% success rate at helping people just like you find a Noteworthy fragrance they love.

We’re on a mission to help you find your signature scent. Everything we do has been built around that. We are the only company with an AI-driven tool that has been built on data from real people to help us curate a personalized recommendation for you. We believe you need to spend time with your fragrances before you buy them, so we are a samples first company. We use your unique preferences to curate a personalized Discovery Kit that has an almost 90% success rate of pairing real people with Noteworthy fragrances they love.

1. Visit noteworthyscents.com and answer the questions in our Fragrance Finder.
2. Purchase your personalized Noteworthy Discovery Set
3. Our proprietary algorithm will help us select 4 Noteworthy fragrances based on your unique preferences.
4. We will send those 4 samples to the address you gave us at purchase.
5. Once you receive your personalized Discovery Set, we encourage you to play, explore and discover your new signature scent(s).
6. When you find your forever scent, simply scan the QR code on the front of the sample card you love or visit noteworthyscents.com to purchase a 100ml/3.3 fl oz product.

Our fragrances

Absolutely. All our fragrances have been created by master perfumers at one of the world’s most renowned fragrance houses, and are unique to Noteworthy.

Yes, Noteworthy fragrances are made with the highest safety standards.

Noteworthy fragrances are Eau de Parfums, which have a higher concentration of fragrance than Eau de Toilette. This means that they are designed to be long lasting, but application throughout the day or night is always encouraged. 

Yes! We’re a samples-first brand; we want you to try, experience, and spend time with your fragrances before committing to them. After you take the Fragrance Finder quiz, we will curate a personalized box of 4 Noteworthy fragrance samples for you with an almost 90% chance you will find one that you love.

Noteworthy fragrances are best stored in cool, dry places and should not be stored in direct sunlight.

Of course - just send us an email at careof@noteworthyscents.com with a specific allergen or ingredient you would like to inquire about and someone from our team will get back to you shortly.

We know how in demand Noteworthy fragrances are. If something you’d like is out of stock, email us at careof@noteworthyscents.com and we will let you know when it’s back in-stock or we can recommend another Noteworthy fragrance you’ll love. 

Fragrance Finder Quiz

We conducted a 12+ month longitudinal study to build a unique database and algorithm based on inputs from hundreds of real users. Our algorithm considers your background and lifestyle factors, personality traits, fragrance particulars, and affinity for various everyday scents.

We highly recommend experiencing the Discovery Kit - we have an almost 90% success rate of matching customers with a Noteworthy fragrance they love. However, if you’re already confident about which products you think you’ll love, you can directly purchase the full-size product from our products page.

People also ask

Noteworthy is currently only available on our website.

We made sure that our glass vials, bottles, and packaging are all recyclable. Visit our sustainability page for more details.

Sustainability is an umbrella term used to describe many different issues. It’s also a journey. We are working toward becoming more sustainable on all fronts.

Simply remove the cap and screw top pump and recycle the glass bottles with your other glass goods.

Yes! Simply visit our Gifting page and you can purchase an e-gift card that you can easily share with somone special towards their Noteworthy purchase.

Orders & Shipping

We currently ship in the United States and Canada. Please note that our shipping times may be longer outside of the continental United States. 

We are always looking to expand where we ship Noteworthy so please keep checking back with us to see if we are shipping somewhere new.

Standard shipping is free for customers in the United States. There is an additional costs for shipping outside of the U.S.

At this time, we do not offer fragrance exchange, given the personal nature of fragrance. We encourage you to take advantage of our Fragrance Finder Quiz to try out samples of the fragrances we think you’d love before you purchase the full-size bottle.

Email us at careof@noteworthyscents.com and we will sort it out!

To ship your products as soon as possible, we begin processing your order immediately after it is placed. Once orders are submitted, we have a very small window to edit your order.

Please contact us immediately, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to edit your address. We will work with you to ensure you receive your products.

Typically, orders ship within 5 business days after placing orders. Please note that weekends and holidays may cause delays.

Account & Subscriptions

Email us at careof@noteworthyscents.com and one of our team members will work with you to address any issues.

You may reach our support team via email at careof@noteworthyscents.com.

We're so sorry you're experiencing issues with the site! We'd truly appreciate it if you'd share your experience with our team to troubleshoot at your earliest convenience by emailing our team at careof@noteworthyscents.com.

From the account log in page, click "Forgot password?" and then input the email address associated with your account. You will then receive a link to reset your password.

From the account log in page, click "Forgot password?" and then input the email address associated with your account. You will then receive a link to reset your password.

Contact us at careof@noteworthyscents.com with your updated information and we will update your profile.

You can see your order history by visiting your account details in the top right corner of your Noteworthy tab.

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