Sustainability is noteworthy

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What are we doing?

We have made several choices to improve the sustainability of the Noteworthy experience.

  • Reusable bottles

    We chose screw top pumps that can be separated from our clear glass Noteworthy bottles. This allows the bottles to be easily recycled or re-used.

  • Minimal packaging

    We minimize our use of inner and outer packaging, choosing sustainable materials where possible.

  • Recyclable boxes

    All of our Noteworthy shipping boxes can be recycled with your paper goods.

  • Unique packing materials

    We ship our Noteworthy bottles in a unique, honeycomb packaging - called a ‘flexihex’ - that is both recycled and recyclable.

  • Glass sample containers

    Our sample size containers are glass. When separated from the clear pumps, they can be recycled.

  • Recyclable cards

    All of the cards you receive with your Noteworthy perfumes - from the sample cards to the product cards - can be recycled.

We’d love to hear from you. Email to share your ideas.